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Our Lightroom Presets

The power of a single click

Presets are like Instagram filters, they change the colors and tones of the photo you apply it to.

Presets are also 100% adjustable, some adjustments are easy to play with and some take years to learn, but with our presets you just need to click on them and that’s all.
Our presets work with a free app & program called Lightroom, where its super easy to edit photos like professions
What are presets?






Your Instagram?

Edited with Lagoon

Make it Beautiful, faster.

“Never imagined I will be so happy with my photos with one click!”

Why adjust every slider or curve for hours when you can use the perfect preset? 

The Quality

Our lab professionals spent years learning to master every tool possible to get the best color harmony so you can use the best of the best.

No more presets that work only on the seller’s examples.

We love our products and we can’t wait to see what you will create with it.

Unique Colors

Unique Curves​

Join our very happy clients

Client Photo
Alize B. Photographer

“I got my first clients because of those amazing presets! Can't be happier!”

Client Photo
Christian H. Designer

“Such a beautiful color harmony on every photo I apply the preset to!”

Client Photo
Mara A. Photographer

“My skin looks amazing with those presets! Saves me hours on getting my tan haha!”

Client Photo
Sam T. Photographer

“I've spent over 700 euros on presets and the ones from color tools I use the most”

Client Photo
Simona T.

"Because of color tools I'm now the school's iPhone photographer haha"

Client Photo
Raz C.

"Never thought my iPhone photos can look this good!"

Client Photo
Guy E.

"My girlfriend is very happy with the photos I make of her now"Review Text